Driveway Grass & Weed Removal

Environmentally friendly way to restore your driveway

Clean Up your Driveway

Gravel Doctor will remove grass and weeds from your gravel driveway – * without chemicals*- giving you the opportunity to control future grass and weed growth on your own. Environmentally friendly solutions to control grass and weeds are available and can be effective in controlling unwanted grass and weed growth, once the overgrown area has been addressed. Remember that there will be pieces of root left in the driveway that can sprout later & that there will still be weed seeds in the driveway that can germinate. When you allow grass and weeds to grow in your driveway – that, when they die – they decompose and create topsoil that promotes more grass and weed growth environment. This leads to promote the growth of more grass and weeds.

Environmentally Friendly

The Gravel Doctor method extracts grass and weeds mechanically so your driveway remains chemical free. Children and pets are not exposed to sprays or injections of weed control chemicals. There are several environmentally friendly grass and weed control solutions that can be found on the internet. Among them are: Vinegar, Rock Salt, and Calcium Chloride pellets.

An Alternative to Chemicals 

See the Reader’s Digest list of Environmentally Friendly Grass and Weed Control Solutions.

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